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brawna eyebrow mapping supplies
eyebrow mapping tools

Your Ultimate Destination for Permanent Makeup Supplies

shower visors for eyes and eyebrows , microblading aftercare

Protective Shower visors

Enjoy showering shampooing while keeping the face totally dry

Disposable pmu ink trays

Perfect for anyone who only needs to perform with a small amount of pigment, or any other solution

eyebrow mapping trio

Ensure symmetrical brows and produce flawless lines with our pre-inked string


pro mapping pencils for Brows & Lips

Soft waterproof pencil perfect for Permanent Makeup, Microblading and Henna Brow outlines.

lip mapping for pmu

Pre-drawing Lips Before Lip Blushing Procedure: The Most Detailed Guide

Ever wondered how to achieve perfectly blushed lips? Dive into our comprehensive guide to get insider tips on client preparation, choosing the right tools, and step-by-step guidance for pre-drawing a lip shape. Whether you're a beauty professional or an enthusiast, this guide is your go-to resource for mastering lip blushing!
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Brow Architecture: Designing the Perfect Arch

Brow Architecture: Designing the Perfect Arch

Creating a preliminary sketch of the eyebrows before tattooing is a crucial step in the procedure that determines the final result. To design the eyebrow sketch before permanent makeup, a technician must accurately define the shape, make the correct markings, achieve symmetry, and secure the client’s approval.

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eyebrow mapping guide

The Ultimate Brow Mapping Guide

In permanent makeup, crafting ideal eyebrows requires a PMU artist to expertly blend technical skill with an understanding of the client's facial features and personality. Precision in eyebrow mapping for a natural, balanced look is achieved through careful assessment of face shape and meticulous attention to symmetry, utilizing quality tools for accuracy and client assurance.
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