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1 Pck Brow Pro Measuring Caliper with Eyebrow Ruler Sticker - Pink


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Eyebrow Measuring Ruler tools, that are made with love and gratitude!

The aim of every brow artist is to create the most beautiful and symmetrical eyebrows for their clients. Yet this is not an easy task, it can never be fully symmetrical without the help of a handy tool of such high quality. With the right tool, we can help you make your eyebrows as symmetrical as possible. This Double Scale Plastic Ruler is expertly crafted to provide easy, precise and accurate measurements for both beginners and professionals and is an essential tool for eyebrow artists seeking to ensure their clients' eyebrows are shaped and placed uniformly. Additionally, it can be used for standard measurements, such as for curves and perimeter rounding.

✔ BENEFITS IN FULL: Ensure even length, shape, placement and map your brows precisely with our measuring ruler that is specifically designed with a precise scale that ranges from 0-150 mm (0-6 inches) to help you make accurate, exact and symmetrical measurements in a convenient manner

✔ SUPERIOR QUALITY: In order to make our brow mapping ruler tool as safe, comfortable, thick and as lightweight as possible we use only the finest quality material that is smooth to your skin yet durable enough to endure the wear and tear of everyday use for longer

✔ VERSATILE USAGE: The Vernier caliper has high precision and can be used not only for eyebrows but for a number of other precise measurements such as handicrafts, jewels, math problems etc. Moreover, with its double scale it can measure inside, outside, depth and step size

✔ GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities that’s why we here at the BRAWNA use the best possible tactics while manufacturing our eyebrow measuring tools but if you feel any inconvenience for any reason feel free to contact us, to solve your problem, our customer support will always go the extra mile

Color: Pink

Package Includes: 1 X Brow Mapping Ruler and 1 Eyebrow Ruler Sticker