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Brawna - 50 Pck Disposable Ink Trays Turquoise

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3 reviews
50 pcs

BRAWNA 50 Pack Disposable Ink Trays Turquoise, 5x5x1cm

✔ Durable Construction: Made up of superior quality plastic material, our mini pigment trays are durable, reusable, easy to clean and have a smooth surface that makes them convenient to use for almost all types of tattoo inks and pigments

✔ Convenient Design: This cosmetic pallet features 4 rounded wells that are deep enough to hold your inks or pigments either separately or in a mixture in an efficient manner. Moreover, with 2 fitting slots on both sides, you can conveniently store your tools such as disposable micro brushes or cotton tips to create even more beautiful art work or tattoos

✔ Versatile Usage: This tray has been meticulously crafted to meet the needs of nearly all tattoo and makeup artists. Perfect for anyone who only needs to perform with a small amount of anesthetic, ink, pigment, or any other solution. They are also great for sanitary practices!

✔ Pack of 50: We offer a jumbo pack of 50 pieces of mini paint pallets, more than enough to meet your various tattoo styling or makeup needs in an easy and a stylish way. Furthermore, they are available in three different colors white, black and pink, so you can pick one depending on your choice.

✔ Commitment to Quality: Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities that’s why our designers use the best possible tactics while manufacturing our mini trays but if you feel any inconvenience for any reason feel free to contact us, to solve your problem, our customer support will always go the extra mile

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Elizabeth C
Pigment/ink trays

These are really nice. Nice quantity, good quality and cute packaging.

Holly Collins
Nice trays for tattoo ink!

These little trays are perfect for tattoo ink! They're small, but they're just like using four small tattoo ink cups. The trays are easier to use than the individual cups. The best thing about these trays.. when you're finished, just toss them in the trash! I really like these trays and will continue using them for tattoo work. When these are almost gone, I'm buying more. They're definitely worth buying for tattoo ink, mixing small amounts of paint, and other mediums.

Great for small work

These are great when only a small amount of ink is needed, and when multiple colors or dilutions are required. The wells are small, so this wouldn't be ideal if you need a large quantity of one color, as you would hit the bottom with your needle or end up wasting more ink. However, for smaller quantities of multiple colors, this is nice as it provides a stable base versus individual ink cups. These would also come in handy for holding paint when working on very small, detailed work, like miniatures.