Microblading Handles

Microblading Handles

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    Pro Quality – Sterile Packaging – Free Shipping*

    Our team of experienced permanent makeup artists has designed our pro-quality disposable microblading handles with your salon or studio in mind. Made from superior and durable materials with an ergonomic design, our expertly crafted design with its superior grip make Brawna® microblading handles the perfect tool to confidently and comfortably create natural, hair-like strokes for any microblading technique.

    Our disposable microblading handles allow you to add microblading, microshading, microfeathering, and other microblading techniques to your salon or studio at an affordable price. This means you can easily boost your business with sophisticated and distinguishing new microblading services more easily than ever before.

    Shop our disposable microblading pen handles to elevate your business and enhance your clients' look!

    2 products


    Reduce the risk of cross-contamination with Brawna® disposable microblading pens. Each handle is made from easy to clean, hypoallergenic aluminum alloy. You can reuse our microblading handles or dispose of them after use.

    Fits All Universal Blades

    Our microblading handle’s unique head design means that it can fit every type of universal blade – U-blades, round-shaping, and common 7-18 blades. This makes it the only one you need in your permanent makeup tool kit!


    The BrawnaBeauty handle is designed for more than just eyebrow microblading. Our disposable microblading handles are great for a variety of permanent makeup applications such as lip coloring, eyeliner, and other permanent makeup treatments.

    Ergonomic Grip

    Thanks to the unique grip-lock system, you can use our disposable microblading pens for hours without grip fatigue. With its ergonomic design, each handle fits comfortably in your hand, allowing optimal precision and control.

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