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Brow Architecture: Designing the Perfect Arch

Creating a preliminary sketch of the eyebrows before tattooing is a crucial step in the procedure that determines the final result. To design the eyebrow sketch before permanent makeup, a technician must accurately define the shape, make the correct markings, achieve symmetry, and secure the client’s approval.

After the initial discussion, the technician assesses the client's facial features to select the eyebrow shape that best compliments their face. This includes considering various shapes, such as arched, horizontal, or angled, and taking into account the natural expressiveness of the client's features, hair growth patterns, and any areas that may need special attention due to asymmetry or missing hairs.

eyebrow shapessource:

Key steps in the eyebrow design process include:

  • Utilizing the Golden Ratio to determine the natural start, arch, and end points of the eyebrows.
  • Carefully inspecting the brow area to ensure there are no skin irritations or other contraindications that could affect the procedure.

If no visual contraindications are present, the standard procedure for constructing eyebrow architecture for permanent makeup follows, including marking and sketching.

eyebrow mapping

In this process, the technician:
  1. Seats the client comfortably: head straight, back erect. The eyes should be open, and the forehead muscles relaxed.
  2. Cleanses the skin and hair with a skin antiseptic or alcohol-based lotion.
  3. Begins tracing with mapping string: marking the beginning, arch, and tail direction, outlines the contours with a pencil, shading the area with light strokes. Proper architecture is crucial.
  4. Cover any excess hairs with a white pencil.
  5. Shows half of the finished sketch in the mirror. Explains why this particular shape is most flattering. Plucks hairs that fall outside the contours.
  6. If there are no objections, draw the second arch. It is important to sketch the eyebrows symmetrically before micropigmentation.

This careful approach ensures that the client's eyebrows are perfectly tailored to their facial features and personal style.


brow sticky caliper

Achieving symmetry in eyebrow design can be a challenging task due to variances in hair growth height on both sides, irregularities in skin texture, or natural asymmetries in the facial anatomy, such as the tilt of the nose bridge or the level of the eyes.

To address these challenges, technicians often employ specialized tools like eyebrow ruler stickers, eyebrow calipers, mapping strings to aid in the sketching process. These measuring tools help in crafting a balanced and harmonious sketch that aligns with each client's distinctive facial structure.

Beauty, after all, isn’t about achieving perfect symmetry. Instead, it's about bringing out the best in what the client naturally has. So, if someone's face is a little uneven, the PMU artist will make small adjustments to make sure the eyebrows look good as a pair. This method is all about combining creative skill with the science of cosmetics to give each client eyebrows that suit them really well, highlighting their natural looks in the best way.