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  • What are the Benefits of Using PMU Practice Skins?
  • PMU practice skins are an essential tool for both beginners and seasoned permanent makeup (PMU) artists. They offer a safe platform for perfecting techniques, testing new tools, and demonstrating the process to clients, contributing to professional growth and client assurance. 

    BRAWNA® provides a wide range of eco-friendly practice skins tailored for various techniques and applications like microblading , microshading , and lip blushing. Our practice skin is made from high quality latex, which gives it a human-like feel.

  • What Does a Beginner Need to Know About Getting Started with Permanent Makeup?
  • Starting a career in permanent makeup can be exciting yet daunting. At BRAWNA®, we're committed to making this journey smooth and successful for you. Our professional range of tools, from eyebrow mapping to microblading, combined with our wide array of practice skins designed for different applications, high-quality pigments like Perma Blend and Brow Daddy, and efficient accessories to keep your workplace clean, we ensure you're equipped with everything you need to create flawless results for your clients.

  • What are the essential tools for flawless eyebrow mapping?
  • Achieving flawless eyebrow mapping requires the right set of tools, and BRAWNA® is dedicated to providing you with everything you need. 

    Our mapping string (comes in 3 colors: black, white and pink), specifically designed for ensuring accurate symmetry when mapping brows. Our measuring tool allows for precise distance calculations, ensuring each brow is perfectly aligned with the other. Disposable eyebrow ruler stickers are a fantastic for creating consistent, balanced shapes, while our Pro Brow pencils provide vivid, smudge-free markings. With these essential tools from BRAWNA®, you can ensure flawless, beautifully symmetrical brows for your clients every time.

  • What to Include in your after care kit?
  • An aftercare kit is a nice touch that helps your clients take care of their new permanent makeup and lets them know you care. At BRAWNA®, we have everything you need to put together a useful aftercare pack. It should have a shower visors to keep the new makeup dry in the shower, helping it last longer. Our cute PMU aftercare bags are a great add-on, they can hold all their face products is also a great idea to include in the aftercare kit. Clear PMU instructions cards  that are easy to understand will help your clients take care of their freshly made microblading eyebrows, so it stays looking good. Having a simple Thank You card in your kit can make your clients feel special and build a strong relationship with them. With BRAWNA®’s products, you can make a great aftercare kit that shows your clients you really care about them.

  • What are the Must Have Items in Your Microblading Kit?
  • In order to deliver top-notch microblading services to your clients, it's essential for both new and experienced professionals to have a fully stocked kit. BRAWNA®'s Microblading Kit has been meticulously crafted to equip you with all the necessary tools. Our kit is equipped with Brow Ruler Stickers and Pre-Inked Mapping String, ensuring perfect eyebrow mapping and precise outlines. It also includes Practice Skins, aiding you in mastering diverse techniques such as microblading, microshading, ombre brows, and powder brows. The kit also comes with our Pro Brow Pencils with razor blades, these waterproof pencils assist in marking exact points in mapping eyebrows or lips. With these kit by BRAWNA®, every PMU artist is equipped to deliver exceptional results to their customers.


    Brawna® is a permanent makeup brand with a bustling online store dedicated to Permanent Makeup Artists. Established in 2017 by PMU industry expert, BrawnaBeauty has continued to provide top-of-the-line PMU products to professionals and beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

    Our mission is to provide world-class permanent makeup products to everyone in the permanent cosmetics industry. 

    Our collection includes everything from Eyebrow Mapping Tools, Microblading Handles, PMU Practice skins, Makeup Bags to Brow Daddy pigments, Perma Blend Pigments, and Disposable Pigment Trays, all specifically designed to give you maximum results.

    Why Brawna®

    What sets us apart from others is that all of our products are designed by experienced permanent makeup artists. We understand the importance of safety and accuracy, so all our tools are crafted with quality and attention to detail.

    At Brawna®, we believe permanent makeup is an art that brings fulfillment to people’s lives. This is why we strive to provide the highest quality of PMU products and accessories so you can continue to create masterpieces for your clients.

    Additionally, we offer competitive pricing on all our items as well as free shipping and Buy with Prime. We provide round-the-clock customer service along with a comprehensive return policy.

    For Permanent Makeup Supplies that will help you create the most beautiful and natural looks, look no further than Brawna®.