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Brawna - Eyebrow Ruler Stickers- 60 pack

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Precise Marks Every Time: With permanent cosmetics, you have no room for error. We design our eyebrow stencils for your kit with exact precision to fully protect you and help you create beauty masterpieces!
Peel and Stick with Firm Adhesion: Trust Brawna to produce perfect eyebrow mapping stickers that stay securely in place, even under the pressure of hard-working hands! They won’t slide, crinkle or curl. You need this disposable makeup tool for all of your eyebrow procedures.
Fits All Facial Structures: From lanky to chubby and every size in between, our professional grade eyebrow stencils work perfectly! Use them on every shape of face, like oval, round, square, etc. Simply place on the forehead and smooth with your fingers.
High Quality Eyebrow Shaping Stencils: Accurate measurements, symmetrical markings and a tight cling to all skin types ensure this is the eyebrow guide you’ll reach for over and over!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Estephany l

Such a great price and quality! Super sticky and super helpful

Easy to use to create the perfect brow!

I admit I initially got these brow rulers to help with creating symmetrical brows for myself, not to help with permanent makeup application (as they are intended). I am terrible with creating symmetry on my own face due to how pale my brows are and need a lot of help, so when I saw these I decided to give them a try. They are fantastic! I love them for my own use and can see how fantastic they would be to create a symmetrical brow effect for permanent and semipermanent makeup application (a craft I am in the process of learning, so I eventually will be able to use them for that as well). These rulers apply easily, and once on the face they don’t move until you remove them. They provide an easy tool for creating a symmetrical brow effect and you don’t need to do any guesswork or additional measuring at all - it’s so easy when using these! I will also use on the practice skin I have. There are a lot in the box and these are one time use, so I think what is here will last awhile, but I definitely plan on purchasing again. Plus, I highly recommend these. What a fabulous tool!