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Brawna - Pre Inked Mapping String for Eyebrow Measuring - Black

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5 reviews

💕 CREATE ABSOLUTELY STUNNING BROWS EVERY TIME.If you’re looking for the best pre-inked brow mapping string for microblading on the market, look no further! BRAWNA eyebrow mapping string allows you to map the face with total accuracy and create flawless lines. Every. Single. Time.

💕 ENJOY PREMIUM, TOP-OF-THE-LINE QUALITY.Say goodbye to those other mapping markers that result in frustrating messes. We know you don’t have time for that! Our pre inked microblading mapping string is incredibly thin, yet highly durable. Did we also mention that it’s the most SATURATED string you’ll ever use? When it comes to microblading supplies – this is one that you’ll never want to be without!

💕 A HYPOALLERGENIC & ALLERGY-FREE BEAUTY PRODUCT. Our pre-inked brow mapping string is made with all-natural bamboo charcoal and saturated with cosmetic grade ink. This means that it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin. Breathe a sigh of relief because you’ll never have to worry about your clients experiencing skin irritations. You can see why it’s a total MUST-HAVE for professionals, tattoo artists, salons and beauty schools.

💕 WORKS GREAT WITH ANY BROW MAPPING TOOL. Yes, our string works phenomenally for freehand projects… but did you know that it can also be used with all types of brow mapping tools? Who knew you could have it all with one convenient brow product!

💕 CUT ANY SIZE YOU NEED WITH A BUILT IN THREAD CUTTER. Here at BRAWNA it’s all about ease of use. A built-in thread cutter allows you to quickly cut any size you need, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your project. COMES WITH ENOUGH STRING TO USE ON 60+ CLIENTS! One box contains a generous 100 ft of pre-marked eyebrow mapping thread.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Works great.


Maybe it’s just me but now that I have the string in white I feel like I can skip a step of use the paste after I do the string outline. Most if not all of my clients is beautifully melanated. And it shows up on their skin better then the black string. I get to skip a whole step which saves me time because y’all beauty professionals know “time is MONEYYYYY!!”

Charice Spann

I love how long I can use one piece before the “ink” fades! Definitely one of the best brands I’ve used so far on myself and for my business!

Good retention

I loved that it wasn’t messy. Lines were clean, visible and stayed after rub with a normal pressure but comes off easy with a wipe.

Harmonee Jameson
Great Product

Very easy to use and apply, would recommend everyone to use this when shaping clients brows.